BibleDudes is an art collection of full panel comic illustrations about your favorite Bible stories but with a modern day pop culture twist.  Originally created as an imaginary concept for toys, BibleDudes has evolved into a beloved cast of characters with a mission to take Art and find new and creative ways to reach God's people.  Each illustration is loaded with visual gags and meanings. See if you can find them all!

For a limited time, a handful of illustrations will be available for your viewing pleasure and purchase. So take time now and come laugh with us and maybe even adopt an art print.  We promise you'll enjoy every moment. And if you don't, feel free to send us hatemail!

Follow Chubs, Ko, and Vee on their many misadventures of life, love and relationships in this newspaper style comic strip. After a very long hiatus, RiceGuys returns to the online community in 2011 with crazier antics, delicious outdoor mishaps and an even more dynamic supporting cast.  

Originally created in 1997, RiceGuys has evolved from a kung-fu, action intense, spirit guide led fighting force into a comic strip about the simple things in life that are dear to our hearts.  Some events found in the RiceGuys story lines are actually auto-biographical!  So come join this journey with us and celebrate the awkward times of Ko, Vee and Chubs.
Written and Illustrated by John Kong.

Similar to the BibleDudes, MovieDudes illustrations are inspired by current films, television and pop culture events of the past.  They’re a little bit difficult to explain.  No one really knows when a concept for an illustration will present itself.  They just do.  Sometimes similarities in subject matter or a reference to politics or culture can spark that moment of illustration creation.  And sometimes it’s just boredom.  But in any case, I like to let the work speak for itself. Enjoy!

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